Company Profile

Prosperity Native Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is highly reputed in the industry as a reliable supplier of good quality products.

Established since a decade ago for exports and manufacturing. Professionally manufactured bamboo stakes/canes, flower sticks and all wire products related to gardening accessories and households. Through our site, you can find more what we have currently to offer.

General information of our products

Bamboo is native produce, peculiarly only can be found at "Huaiji" district in the border between the Guangdong and Guangxi Province.

Our high quality bamboo stakes/canes (also known as "Tonkin Canes" and "Tsinglee Canes") are great demand for the use of supporting different sized plants at their different heights, and which are widely used in all greenhouses and nurseries around the global. All they are under our careful attention processed in our China factory. At present in our lines, we can supply a variety range of both in lengths and diameters. Sizes can be ranging from 40cm to 600cm or above in lengths with different diameters that best suits the needs of various customers.

Wire products cover:Wire hanging-baskets, half wire hanging-baskets and window boxes inserted with coco liners. Each framework is coated in rubberized plastic to prevent it from rust when finished. Coco liners we specially select to use are for the purpose not to need to water as often in hot climate. Available colors are in your choice of green, black, white or others you may need. Besides, customers' own design for households are welcome.